Our Five Guiding Principles

We are a people united, embracing the work of the Holy Spirit, striving to see lives transformed in our community, region, nation, and world.

1. The Word of God

We are to be a church known for standing on the Word of God.

This includes sound Biblical doctrine and an emphasis on Biblical teaching.

2. Kingdom Agenda

We are to be a church intentionally committed to a Kingdom agenda.

This includes a focus on the things that are important to God, proper motives for growth, and understanding the urgency of the times.

3. A Church United

We are to be a church united with a common purpose and vision.

This includes communicating, executing and sustaining that vision.

4. Reaching People for Christ

We are to be a church willing to reach people for Christ.

This includes having an outward focus, being fervent in evangelism, and being willing to pay the price.

5. Spiritual Influence

We are to be a church that influences the spiritual culture of our community, city, and world.

This includes having an effective ministry presence in the community, promoting a biblical worldview, providing spiritual healthcare, and raising up Christian worker to be sent out.

The Matthew Project

There is a God-sized opportunity that stands before the people of Lake Hills and the vision to pursue that opportunity has become very clear.

In April of 2013, a healthy cross-section of 55 church leaders representing different ages and ministry areas attended four, 3-hour summit sessions. These were perhaps the most important meetings that will be held in this church over the next decade. We sought a God-given vision for the future of Lake Hills as a whole. We studied the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from our past and for our future. We established a scriptural foundation as we began building the Dream…

We dreamed a dream and laid out a road map for our church to pursue in the days ahead. It’s a dream that gives our emphasis to the things that are important to God; a KINGDOM DREAM. It’s a dream for what ‘SHOULD BE’ fueled by a passion that says it ‘COULD BE.’ It’s a vision for our future called the MATTHEW PROJECT.

The Matthew Project is a reflection of what has been unveiled to our church family with the prayerful ambition that we would all advance into our future together under a common purpose and pursuit.

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