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Pastor James Walker - Lake Hills Church

Lead Pastor – Dr. James Walker

Pastor James Walker grew up as the son of a Southern Baptist pastor. The church has always been an important and influential part of his life. Happily married to Debbie Hilbish Walker, he has four adult children: Amy, Ian, Jamie, and Emma. He is a graduate of both Palm Beach Atlantic University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Pastor James has served on staff at Northway Baptist Church in Dallas, TX and Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia, SC. He was the Senior Pastor of Azalea City Baptist in Valdosta, Ga, Biltmore Baptist Church in Asheville, NC, and First Baptist Church Alpharetta, GA before coming here. He has been Lead Pastor of Lake Hills and led our team since 2012.

Pastor James’ passion is the life, growth, and health of the local church. He believes that every local church should strive to have a significant impact for the Kingdom, beginning in the local community and reaching to the world.

Campus Staff

Ministerial Staff

Lee O'Briant - Lake Hills ChurchLee O'Briant - Lake Hills Church

Lee O’Briant

Pastor of Discipleship

Jeff Henry

Pastor of Reaching and Ministry

Michael West - Lake Hills ChurchMichael West - Lake Hills Church

Michael West

Pastor of Worship and Arts

Ian Walker - Lake Hills ChurchIan Walker - Lake Hills Church

Ian Walker

Minister to Young Professionals

Daniel Hodum

Student Pastor

Heidi - Lake Hills ChurchHeidi - Lake Hills Church

Heidi Wiggins

Director of Children’s Ministries

Administration and Operations

Lori Fochesato - Lake Hills ChurchLori Fochesato - Lake Hills Church

Lori Fochesato

Director of Operations and Human Resources

Kelli Fink - Lake Hills ChurchKelli Fink - Lake Hills Church

Kelli Fink

Finance Manager

Kristie Calhoun - Lake Hills ChurchKristie Calhoun - Lake Hills Church

Kristie Calhoun

Communication Manager

Bill Schumacher - Lake Hills ChurchBill Schumacher - Lake Hills Church

Bill Schumacher

Facilities Manager

Brian - Lake Hills ChurchBrian - Lake Hills Church

Brian Evsich

Facilities Associate

Ellie Buzyan

Administrative Assistant

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